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True Success

What comes to mind when you think about becoming a success? True success? Success is best understood as God defines it. DL moody said… Our

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In Him was Life

As the Creator and Lord, God gets to determine and teach what is and isn’t good, proper and moral. Not us.   Our opinions and

The Gifts of the Spirit

Through a fear of anything unusual or supernatural we end up flat out disobeying scripture by ignoring many spiritual gifts and by quenching the Holy

The Lord Provides

In Genesis 22 Abraham calls the placeof the substitutionary sacrifice“The Lord Provides” (or “will provide”).This event foreshadows the work of Christ.And Later on, Calvary can

Christ Died for our sins

What is the gospel that Paul preached to unbelievers in Corinth? How did he explain it to them? What terminology did he use? Thankfully we do