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The Promises of God are Yes and Amen

Satan promised man glory, freedom and real life but delivered only guilt, slavery and eternal death.
He promised enlightenment and access to a, as Yet, set of hidden truths and knowledge, and thereby he actually made fools of man with darkened intellects and minds.
He denied that rebellion against the loving Creator had deadly consequences and affirmed you can live as you desire and get away with it.
He cast aspersions on Gods good character and got man questioning and doubting both Gods goodness and the trustworthiness of His revealed word.
Indeed man did gain some knowledge when he fell but not the type of knowledge satan promised. He gained a knowledge of his own failures and guilt, he knew for the first time fear, anxiety and the need to attempt to cover themselves and hide themselves from their Creator.
Instead of walking with God in a loyal trusting loving partnership and relationship, satan left man immediately attempting to avoid God, escape his presence and partnership. Satan promised that immediate self gratification was the way to be totally fulfilled as a human.
It was all a lie. Man needs relationship with God, and nothing more. He needs to come to trust God, love God, be loyal to God. This is what Jesus came to restore to us. Relationship and peace with God through the forgiveness of our sins when we turn back to God and trust him.
He did this by dying on the cross for all our sins, taking the penalty we deserve as our substitute and rising again from the dead, proving his identity and that the sacrifice he made is accepted in heaven.
God still loves man made in His own image, and offers a way for our sins to be dealt with completely through faith alone in Jesus. Satan still is peddling the same lies and making the same offers to you in order to keep you from coming to God and finding life, peace, purpose, and the burden of your guilt lifted.
“Come unto me all you who labor and are heavy burdened and I will give you rest.”  –  Jesus
Mark Taggart
Mark Taggart

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