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Persist in Prayer

Persist in prayers of faith. Pray at all times about everything. Pray about your lack of prayer. Pray about the small things and big things and everything. Pray for your own faith to grow. Pray for those around you in your church, family, town and nation. Pray for the church you attend to become a praying church.
Prayer moves Gods hand in ways we may not fully realize or understand but we should fully accept this truth. Prayer is NOT ONLY about changing you. It’s that and more than that too.
Prayer DOES make a difference in the situations going on right now in your life. Some things will change and be different specifically because you will choose to seek the Lord and to pray about these things. Some things may not have changed yet because you haven’t persisted in prayer. Prayer makes a difference. PRAYER MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE!!!
It really really really really REALLY matters.
This is the teaching of scripture. Time and time again. SO PRAY.
Men ought always to pray and not faint.
Mark Taggart
Mark Taggart

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